Thanks to all of your donations, Art Academy London have raised enough money to buy two 3D printers to print protective face masks for NHS staff. Taking only 12 hours to raise enough for one printer and another 4 to buy a second. This is evidence of the brilliant community that the Academy is a part of.

Our Sculpture Pathway Leader, Julian Wild, has printed over 1000 visor bands, which have been sent to several care homes and surgeries. We are now also an NHS supplier, so our visor bands are being sent directly into an NHS pool, to be sent where they are most needed.

We have been really pleased to see photos of the PPE in use at a care-home in Chichester. Thank you health heroes!

There is no doubt in saying that COVID-19 has proven to be an incredibly scary shock to everyone. Just about every strata of our livelihoods has been affected by the virus, in some ways far more difficult than others. From the perspective of the Academy, the virus’s effect on artists and their world had been clearly evident. With cancelled exhibitions, tutorials moving online and our close-knit community being dispersed, it’s been really tough for our artists!

But it has been fantastic to see Academy student’s practices thrive despite social distancing. Many of our students have been taking part in the Artists Support Pledge on Instagram. Started by artist Matthew Burrows, the Support Pledge was designed to encourage artists to support each other through this economic slump. The idea being: artists sell selected artworks on Instagram for £200 each, then once five pieces are sold, they will buy a piece from another artist. With the affordable pricing of £200, the initiative has been designed to be accessible and attractive to a wider group of people.

See the below gallery of our students works being sold on Instagram. It shows the variety of practices that our students work in. Check out BA (Hons) student Scarlett Standen’s innovative drawings and prints and Contemporary Portraiture student Ruth Swain’s clever still life paintings. Our tutor, Kim Whitby, inspired us to get involved with the Pledge and has been selling her watercolours.

We love to see supportive initiatives like the Pledge. It reminds artists that they are not alone, and that their work can be a part of a network, separate from the world outdoors!