Academy graduates attend residency in Shanghai with Leo Gallery

Monday November 25, 2019

Two of our 2019 graduates, Heidi Sundvik and Jeremie Queyras, won the month-long Leo Gallery residency. The prize, which included flights, accommodation and art materials, was generously provided by Leo Gallery. Read all about it!

An unforgettable experience in Shanghai

We spent one month in a suburb of Shanghai called ZhuJiaJiao, an ancient Chinese town. Our accommodation and studio were a 90-minute train ride from the heart of Shanghai city centre. We spent most of the first week exploring Shanghai and the old town of ZhuJiaJiao, sometimes in company of Leo Gallery staff who were always available to help.

Our aim was to get immersed in the local history and culture and incorporate our observations in our works of art. The Gallery provided us with any required art materials as well as flights, accommodation and the huge studio. One of the locals was assigned to help us and provided indispensable help with tasks which required technical assistance.

This experience has been extremely enriching professionally as well as on a human level and has pushed our practice to new limits. Although the gallery did not have any expectations and left it up to us what we wanted to do during our time in Shanghai, having those means at our disposal motivated us to go beyond anything we had produced before. During the last weeks in particular, we produced more work than we had thought possible in such a short time. It was a wonderful challenge and opportunity, set in the most interesting circumstances.

During the last week of the residency, the gallery documented all our work and produced promotional videos as well as photographs and a poster. Leo Gallery organised a private view and invited clients and local artists, another occasion to socialise and network. The works created during our residency will continue to be on display for a month and the gallery will be promoting our works for sale.

An unforgettable experience, this residency exceeded all our expectations. We would like to thank Art Academy London and Leo Gallery for providing this opportunity.