Artist Talks: Caleb Madden

Friday November 22, 2019

We had an artist talk from Caleb Madden in our studios last week. Caleb is a sound and installation artist who is greatly influenced by philosophical theories, including Capitalist Realism and Hyperstition. Noise is a central concept to his work, looking at the way noise plays a part in human experience and culture. He completed his BA, MFA and is currently working on a PhD at Brighton University, all centred on the study of sound.

He started being an artist at the age of 18, initially being influenced by rave culture and the ‘Sensation:Young British Artist’ exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. Caleb was interested in the idea of human perception, and the way that culture can have an effect on it.

How does the noise of culture work to modulate and affect the fixed structures that we live with.

He talked about his interest in the concept of noise as a “productive and generative force.” Caleb explained how he had been moved and awakened by noise when visiting a functioning turbine in Southampton. Caleb also discussed the theory that is fed into his current work called Hyperstition: the notion of inventing a future which will effect the mindset of the present.

Thanks to Caleb for the talk, was very interesting to hear about the use of sound in art!