Please ensure you bring old clothes or an apron as you may get messy!

The clay is included in the cost of the course.

If you have pottery tools please bring them with you. We have tools for all students to share. If you wish to purchase your own tools you can do so from the Academy shop.   (e.g. kidneys, wooden and metal tools, wires, whirlers, sponges, rolling pins etc) please bring them with you.

You will also be able to purchase some tools from the Art Academy shop at the start of the course. Tools available include:

  • Pottery toolkit which includes a clay cutter, stainless steel scraper, 8″ boxwood tool, pro-tool, 8″ double ribbon tool, loop tool, sponge & wooden rib  |  £4.50
  • Rubber Kidney  | £3.20
  • Ceramic Knife  | £2.85
  • Foam diddler  | £3.20