Course Code OC2301049
Tutor Laura Ribbons
Course Dates Wednesdays, 4th October - 8th November 2023
Days 6
Times 6.30 - 8pm
Experience Level All Levels
Fee £145
Location Online

This NEW course takes an exploratory approach to watercolour, focusing on how the medium can be most effectively used to investigate plants, the environment and the climate crisis. Tutor Laura Ribbons is an experienced contemporary watercolour artist and educator who will guide you through the course week by week and work alongside you, demonstrating a variety of techniques and encouraging students to discover their individual creative voice. Each week we will work through a different theme and develop skills in colour mixing, composition, texture and perspective. As well as this, you will gain a deeper understanding of why watercolours are so suited to the depiction of plants, and what we can learn from plants by studying them from the artist’s perspective.

This course is suitable for all levels. Students can move at their own pace depending on their experience, with as much support from the Tutor as they wish.

  • Beginner

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  • Beginner +

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  • Intermediate

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  • Advanced

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     Our Advanced courses include our Masterclasses.

All attendees must be aged 18 or over.

Students need to ensure that they have all the  materials  and technical equipment needed available from the first lesson.

The lesson will be facilitated through Zoom platform. Please ensure your computer/laptop/smart phone is set-up prior to the first lesson.

  • Watercolour sketch pad/paper (300 g/m or higher) (A5-A4)
  • A selection of watercolour brushes & one larger flat-headed brush for washes
  • A set of watercolour paints (pans or tubes) and a palette for colour mixing
  • Water pot
  • Tissue paper/ kitchen roll for blotting and cleaning brushes
  • Reference material (needed for each week apart from week 1 – I will advise the students the week prior).

Please refer to the daily breakdown for a list of materials you should bring each week.

We will not be held responsible for any technical issues that you might experience with your own equipment or connectivity. If for any reason (including technical) students are unable to take part, we will not be providing compensation. We are not responsible for any subsequent cost accrued from high data usage.


Laura Ribbons is an artist, curator and arts educator based in Hastings. Laura has been working in watercolours for over 10 years and is a passionate advocate for the medium. She is a graduate of Wimbledon College of Art with a degree in Fine Art (Painting). She was the winner of the 2012 Orbis Art Prize and was nominated for the Clyde & Co Art Awards the same year. In 2016 Laura gained a Masters degree in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Kent, allowing her to further develop her interests in plant-human relations and the climate crisis, both topics which conceptually inform her practice.

Laura has exhibited widely and her works feature in a number of private collections across the UK, she has also exhibited in Spain where she lived from 2018-2019. In 2022 Laura was invited to take part in the Towner Gallery’s Open Plan Residency programme.

As a socially-engaged arts practitioner Laura has worked on projects with a number of high profile galleries including the Towner Gallery, Watts Gallery – Artist Village and Pallant House Gallery.

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Code Of Conduct 

We aim to foster a productive environment. We do not tolerate the following:

  • Screen-shotting or screen-recording at any point of the course (without expressed permission from the tutor or owners of the work)
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Please also avoid the following:

  • Interrupting the tutor and fellow students without cause


If you violate the code of conduct we retain the right to eject you immediately from the lesson. Future participation will be discussed and you will be notified of the appropriate course of action.


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Fee: £145.00