Sustainable Sculpture


COURSE DATES: Fridays, 19th April – 7th June 2024

TUTOR: Briony Marshall MRSS


TIMES: 10:30am – 4:30pm


FEE: £500

LOCATION: Art Academy London, 165A Mermaid Court, SE1 1HR

In an era of environmental consciousness, this course explores the intersection of art and sustainability with a particular focus on natural materials and outdoor settings. Dive into the use of eco-friendly materials, sustainable processes, and new ways of thinking about the role of art in public spaces. The first part of the course will be a series of workshops exploring materials, processes and ways of thinking sustainably. Then at the end of the course you will have three weeks to develop your own sustainable sculpture project. The course will include two different visits and there is the opportunity for the final projects to be sited in a community garden very local to the Academy.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyse the work of others, applying findings to their own work.
  • Experiment with a range of different materials and techniques in making sculpture(s).
  • Produce a cast using mycelium.
  • Make natural ink(s).
  • Mix cobb and use it to create sculpture.
  • Explain approaches for increasing biodiversity and utilise one or more in a proposal for outdoor sculpture.
  • Research, plan and complete a self initiated project.

This course is part of our Elective Skills Workshop series. You will be studying alongside students from our pre-degree and degree programmes.

All Levels

All attendees must be aged 18 and over.

This course is suitable for all levels. Students can move at their own pace depending on their experience, with as much support from the Tutor as they wish. This means an student from the following experience levels can join this course:


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A small materials budget tbc will be required to cover the cost of materials such as the mycelium, and the time for sourcing/foraging the natural materials and earths. Estimate £15 tbc.

Briony Marshall MRSS is a sculptor who has always found solace and meaning in science, to quote her heroine Rachel Carson: “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure [a lifetime].” Briony has a mission to bring this beauty and understanding to others through creating works of art that people can connect to emotionally. Her rammed earth sculptures are a visual metaphor for the problem of man-made materials as well as a return to more natural materials.

Briony shows with Pangolin London and was recently shortlisted for the Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture.

Shane Waltener’s art practice is rooted in ideas about ecology, sustainability and reuse. Waltener’s sculpture, installation and performance work draw inspiration from a range of craft practice from ceramics to textile weaving and basketry to dance and movement. Working in participatory settings, Waltener uses making processes to facilitate personal, social and cultural histories to be exchanged and create new knowledge and imaginaries.
Instagram: @shanewaltener

Barbara Beyer’s work reflects on the markers and traces we leave through interventions with our environment, social and material world. In her sculptural practice she re-enacts and plays out formative actions, echoing observations she makes outside the studio often questioning our perception of forming and deforming. Her forms have ambivalent qualities. We are not sure if we are looking at scarred landscapes or cultivated fields; workshop explorations reveal a frantic urge to shape, reshape, form and deform; dropped forms carry a sense of shapeshifting and not destruction.

Henny Burnett is a mixed media artist working mainly in sculpture and installation using a range of techniques including casting, assemblage, photography, projection and sound. She explores the domestic and everyday with particular interest in the stories within the objects that surround us, in our homes and museums. Through casting miniature houses in a range of materials, often earth based and temporary, Henny unpicks questions about the materials she engages with and their environmental impact.

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  • Please don’t wear your best clothes as there is always a chance you will get messy. If possible bring an apron or overalls.
  • All artwork at the Academy MUST be taken home at the end of the course or it will be disposed of.
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Plastic Mountain, Sculpture by Briony Marshall