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Alison Hand

Tutors- Studio Practice


Alison Hand holds an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art, and has exhibited across London and the UK, and internationally in Germany and Hong Kong. Hand’s work explores the representation of landscape, particularly narratives of regeneration and improvement. She approaches painting with an experimental materiality, where plasticity sits alongside representation. Hand’s work has won numerous awards including the Basil Alkazzi Scholarship; the Painters’ and Stainers’ Gordon Luton Award; and the Stevenson Harwood Award.

Hand is also a published art writer, recent commissions include a Writer’s Residency for Abstract Critical Journal. Previously she was a Board Director for Cumbrian arts organisation ‘Artgene’, and undertook funded research into art and architecture at the Bartlett School, UCL, which led to collaborative projects with architects, including a major public commission for a London school.




  • Birds

  • Parc d’amour

  • Gentleman’s Seat

  • Networks

  • Ziggurats

  • New town

  • Memento

  • Going off to a stranded vessel