Briony Marshall

“Making a drawing each day is like stamping time with an emblem, a marking of that moment.”
Tutors- Studio Practice


Briony Marshall is a London based sculptor and installation artist. With a background in Biochemistry she is interested in the idea of art practice as research. She fuses an intellectual/conceptual approach with an intuitive, materials inspired process to develop sculptures that investigate the natural world and man’s place in it. Briony was one of the first students to study sculpture at the Art Academy when it was set up in the early 2000s.

Briony has been selected for residencies at Pangolin London and the Brian Mercer Bronze Casting residency in Italy, she has been elected a council member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, and has been names on of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘175 faces of Chemisty’. She was recently shortlisted for the prestigious First@108 Public Art Award.

Briony is head of Professional Development at the Art Academy and helps prepare diploma and certificate students for realities and opportunities of life as an artist.
Briony shows with Pangolin London.



  • Plaster models of CS6-10

  • Primitive Streak

  • DNA - Helix of Life (detail)

  • DNA - Helix of Life (detail)

  • Kit for Making DNA

  • Patterns of Growth (detail)

  • Emergence of Chemistry