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Maria Zulueta

Tutors- Studio Practice


Maria is a London based glass artist who has exhibited throughout London, the UK and Spain. Her work has been in collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the MAVA in Madrid, Spain. Following her BA Honours in Fine Arts at the Basque Country University in Spain, she set out to improve and explore new venues in the art and design field.

Maria is a fully qualified art teacher and a professional glass artist. She has experienced teaching Kiln formed glass and architectural glass since 2000 in the UK and she has been a visiting guest lecturer at the National Glass Centre in Segovia, Spain. 
Maria likes to stretch and equip students to extend technical skills and build confidence and independence in their own creative ability working with glass.
Her substantial training within the Arts and Design has equipped Maria with an explorative, inquisitive, creative and constructive approach. Throughout her work, she explores new ideas and concepts in glass and mixed media, fusing art and design.

Most of her work is Kiln formed glass although in her latest work she has been exploring new techniques and processes developing screen printing on glass, etching and cold working techniques.



  • Seasons Ice Cubes

  • Suspended Leaves

  • Wall Piece Detail 1

  • Whispers of a Soul

  • Closely Connected

  • Diffusion