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New term of Part-Time Courses available to book!

12th November, 2019  |  Published in, Academy News

We have spaces available to book on part-time courses starting next term. These courses take place one day a week (10am – 5pm) for ten weeks at our Mermaid Court site, near London Bridge. They offer in-depth skills training across painting, drawing, printmaking, photography & video and sculpture, under the expert guidance of eminent practising artists. And you’ll learn in small groups of no more than 15 students, giving you a hands-on, tailored experience. Take a look at our part-time course highlights below, or see our full list here.

Objects and Environments in Extended Reality (Mondays, 13th January – 23rd March 2020)

This NEW course is an introduction to creating Extended Reality (XR) including virtual and interactive realities. It’s specifically focused on the use of these technologies in the context of your own contemporary art practice. Through a series of practical workshops, you can learn the fundamentals of how immersive technologies work and gain a technical understanding of key software in order to see your own ideas come to (virtual) life! The course is suitable for all levels, including beginners with no experience of VR.

Sculpture in Practice (Mondays, 13th January – 23rd March 2020)

Explore a wide range of sculptural forms, language, materials and processes. Throughout the class, your tutor will provide individual support to help develop your own approach – whether you want to explore a wide range of materials and techniques, or focus on a particular area of interest.

The Photographic Image (Tuesdays, 14th January – 24th March 2020)

Starting with the fundamental principles of photography, you’ll learn how to expose images correctly and develop a greater understanding of the medium in relation to today’s digital culture. This course gives you a thorough overview of all aspects of using a digital camera, including: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus, depth of field, lighting and everything you need to successfully take photos in a variety of environments. You’ll also be taught the fundamentals of Photoshop, with a focus on how the software can be used for retouching and collaging images.

Hybrid Printmaking: Experimental Printmaking Using Multiple Processes (Tuesdays, 14th January – 24th March 2020)

This course focuses on experimenting with a combination of techniques including simple block-print, etching, collagraph and mono-print to develop a print or series of prints. Printmaking both compliments and brings perspective to other areas of creative practice, so this course is ideal for painting and drawing practitioners who would like to gain a perspective of print techniques and re-engage with the drawn mark.

Wood and Metal for Sculpture (Tuesdays, 14th January – 24th March 2020)

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you have some experience of working with wood and metal, this course will teach you to weld, cut, grind, manipulate and drill steel and cut, join and sand wood safely. Starting with these practical skills, you’ll then have the opportunity to work independently and creatively to develop sculpture in metal or wood.

Still Life (Thursdays, 16th January – 26th March 2020)

Engage with still life painting in a fresh and exciting manner. You’ll look in-depth at the work of both contemporary and historical artists for whom still life is a major focus, and discuss why the genre is still relevant today. You’ll consider the use of objects for their symbolic value as well as their aesthetic properties, examining the abstract form, shape, colour and tone of the objects observed, and exploring how to use all this information to create interesting and contemporary paintings. Working in oil, you’ll be encouraged to approach the act of painting with a balance of instinct and analysis, growing your technical understanding of a variety of mediums and materials, whilst also developing observational, critical and creative skills.