Ninon Student Story

“It became clear quite quickly that everything I was learning there was invaluable in terms of my own practice.”

Student Story


In June 2015, Damian Fennell- the creative director of Cityscape Digital- came  for a talk at the Art Academy, where I was a 2nd year student in the Fine Art-Diploma. This architectural visualisation firm was looking to hire an intern from the Art Academy for the summer. Art and technology were always of great interest to me, but I sometimes found it complicated to articulate the two in a same project. To Damian and Cityscape, that idea seemed to be inherent to the work they produce. And hiring a fine art student meant having someone with an understanding of visual arts, to whom they could quickly teach the technical side of things.

His vision really appealed to me, so I applied and got a summer internship- at the end of which it became a part time job! Straight away, I was shown and taught different tools, softwares, techniques and tips by a team of incredibly creative, helpful and skilful individuals. I got to discover a thriving work environment, where people genuinely care about the work and images they make, while constantly helping one another.

Moreover, it became clear quite quickly that everything I was learning there was invaluable in term of my own practice. Indeed, as I work mainly with digital images and video, learning how to use different programmes and techniques was a fantastic opportunity. Everything I am learning at Cityscape feeds and slots in perfectly into my own work. It makes it evolve in ways that seemed previously unattainable; However, a major point is not only the technical side, but rather how much I kept learning in term of fine art and visual communication. Being in constant contact with the creative directors and visualisation artists at Cityscape is truly enriching and inspiring.  They are knowledgeable artists and craftsmen who succeed in translating their ideas into a tangible, beautiful thing.