Rhiannon Salisbury

Tutors- Studio Practice


Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury is a London based artist. Her work focuses on the boundaries between real and fictional experiences, the blurry line between the conscious and unconscious mind, and is rooted in the personal dreams, nightmares, imagination and memories. This year Rhiannon was awarded the John Hoyland Scholarship to study her MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. Whilst undertaking this course her practise is focused on an exploration of a personal fictional mythical quest to create a character that will act as a portal between the artist and her own real and imagined ancestry.

Rhiannon’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the country and Internationally in Los Angeles and New York. In the last two years Rhiannon has had extensive experience in curating and creating exhibitions in London. This year the artist has been awarded a residency in Mexico and one in Kula Lumpar.