“Making a drawing each day is like stamping time with an emblem, a marking of that moment.”

Student Story


I found the Art Academy in 2009. Having been on short courses at other colleges I was looking for a more formal, wide-ranging course where I could improve and find new approaches to making work. With a young family I was limited on time, but determined to move my art on. The structure of the diploma course at the Art Academy offered me the flexibility to switch attendance days around by term. I was even able to take a couple of terms off when I had my fourth child.

I feel very fortunate to have been guided by a group of professional artists who have each shared their own particular blend of skills across a variety of disciplines. There have been some difficult moments – mostly when I was not told what I wanted to hear – but, looking back, it was in those situations that l probably learnt the most.

After a journey of over six years, thus becoming the longest serving Diploma student in Art Academy history (a title of which I am dubiously proud) I graduated in July 2015. It was a frantic summer. I was honoured to have a painting accepted into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. I also received an offer to hold my first solo show in a local gallery. It was a personal stellar collision – where all the stars came together for me at one time.

Doors are opening. My show in October went very well. I have three group shows, and one solo show planned this year. Yesterday I packaged a painting to be couriered to the US having been approached by a gallery in New York. And, I am still here sometimes. I am currently attending the Post graduate programme at the Art Academy. There is much to be gained from spending time with other artists – be they tutors, or colleagues, and there will always be more to learn. Besides, I still need my Art Academy ‘fix’ from time to time.