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AAL Tutor Shortlisted for Feminist Public Sculpture

June 13th, 2019  |  Published in, Academy News

Congratulations to our Professional Development Programme Leader, Briony Marshall, who has had her design shortlisted for a public sculpture commission in Leeds city centre. Leeds Arts University and Leeds City Council are currently in the final stages of the selection process for the new sculpture, which will be installed in Quarry Hill to celebrate the contribution of women to the city.

Briony’s piece pays tribute to the Leeds University academic Dame Kathleen Lonsdale, who discovered the chemical structure of Benzene. The sculpture depicts a circular chain of women and children, which mirrors the chemical structure and the way that each generation of women builds on the emancipation of the previous generation.

An exhibition which showcases the work of all the shortlisted artists is being held at the Blenheim Walk Gallery from 24th May – 4th July 2019. Briony’s maquette joins work by artists Pippa Hale, Wendy Briggs and Zsofia Jakab. This is a fantastic opportunity to represent feminism in Leeds city centre!