AAL Prize Winner: Surrey Sculpture Award 2019

Tuesday June 25, 2019

Well done to Sculpture degree student Jo Holt, the winner of the 2019 Surrey Sculpture Prize! Her piece, ‘Eye of the Beholder,’ comments on the tragedy of coral bleaching and the brilliance of biofluorescence, and explores how a change of perspective can bring life into a new light. Jo was awarded £500 cash, a 12-month membership to the Surrey Sculpture Society and a future exhibition opportunity.
Another entry noted by the judges was Masa Travijanin’s ‘Inverted.’ Masa’s sculpture began as a layered latex cast of her body, which she then cut up and embroidered, incorporating textiles, jewellery and make up. The piece was acknowledged for its imaginative framing showing the embroidering aspect of self-presentation.
Alexanda Rendle-Short’s piece ‘Beginning of life,’ a series of black clay coiled pots, was also recognised for its representation of DNA through the varying clay shapes.
Thank you to everyone who entered their sculptures for the prize, and congratulations again to Jo for winning!