Working with Bronze

In collaboration with Bronze Age Foundry in Limehouse, ‘Working with Bronze’ was a course taught by Alexander Lumsden and Julian Wild that offered the unique opportunity to explore the processes involved in lost wax bronze casting. Limited to 250 grams of wax, students were able to produce a sculpture in bronze. Working between the Academy and the Foundry, participants learned about everything from working with wax, preparation for casting, bronze welding, chasing, and patination. In addition to this, the artists were able to witness a live bronze pour seeing their own sculptures being cast in this ancient sculpture material. This online exhibition showcases the diverse and engaging works made by the participants of the course:

Alison Goslin

Suzie Hackney

Antonia Hockings

Sophia Kisielewska

Anton Hvorak

Alex McKay

Vicky Neave

Sandor Pater