Student Charter

As an Art Academy Student I will…

  • Attend sessions regularly and punctually with a respectful and professional attitude;
  • Take responsibility for finding out about study requirements including deadlines, expected levels of attendance and engagement and academic regulations;
  • Share my knowledge and opinions; participate in the culture of open communication and ask for help when I need it;
  • Treat fellow students, tutors and staff members and the Academy environment with consideration and respect;
  • Be creative and enthusiastic, take part in new things and approach tasks with a positive mindset;
  • Join in! Ask questions and show an interest in other people’s work. Feedback and development of work comes from the whole community and it’s essential that we all take part in that;
  • Work to the best of my ability with passion;
  • Provide honest feedback to help future Academy developments;
  • Take responsibility for my own learning;
  • Maintain positive lines of communication with Academy staff including keeping current contact details up to date;
  • If I pay fees or have a student loan for my studies, make myself familiar with my financial commitment to the Academy.

The Student Council will…

  • Create a vibrant community through a varied and student inspired social calendar;
  • Facilitate discussion between students and Academy staff and support students in raising concerns through Student Forum Meetings;
  • Represent students at relevant Academy committees and meetings.

Art Academy London will…

  • Welcome you to its close-knit, vibrant artistic community and support you to become the best artist you can be;
  • Provide high quality learning and teaching experiences from tutors who are professional artists eminent in their fields;
  • Ensure tutors and staff maintain a high level of professionalism;
  • Respond to prospective and current students queries and communicate important information (e.g. key dates) in an appropriate and clear time frame;
  • Aim to ensure that our tutors and staff members communicate effectively so that students receive consistent information and feedback;
  • Get to know you as an individual in order to ensure your journey through the Academy is best suited to your needs, aptitudes and interest;
  • Provide a safe, accessible and stimulating learning environment, where you feel able to take risks, experiment and make mistakes;
  • Create opportunities for you to gain employability skills and research and prepare for your future;
  • Provide information on work related opportunities alongside studies;
  • Respond appropriately to student feedback and make sure students are represented on Academy boards and committees;
  • Clearly describe and explain course and programme requirements and marking criteria;
  • Maintain a high standard of facilities and support services and good access to industry standard equipment and resources;
  • Be clear about course costs (including additional material costs) and promote available financial support;
  • Advertise what information, support and advice is available at the Academy and locally;
  • Actively promote students and their work.

The Student Charter, jointly developed for staff and academic students*, outlines what is expected of academic students and what they can expect from the Academy.

*The Student Charter is only applicable to academic students. ‘Academic Students’ is defined as students who are studying 180+ hours a year with the Academy. This will include students on any of our BA, FD‘s, our Fine Art Foundation or our Certificate Programme.