Tutor – Painting & Drawing

Helen Stone

Helen Stone has a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design/Illustration and was a magazine editor before graduating in Contemporary Portraiture from Art Academy in 2018.

She paints people but also paints objects if she sees a connection and a tale to tell. She also works with found objects, drawn to their unique frequencies and the richer artistic language they offer. Her core themes focus on heritage, loss, connection and disconnection, as well as a fascination with underlying energies and how these spill into the everyday in unexpected ways.

She has had work selected for the ING Discerning Eye and the Society of Women Artists exhibitions, has created work with The National Trust and was winner of the Expert Panel Vote at the Liberty Specialty Markets Award in 2018.

Her work is in private collections in Europe and the UK and she teaches public courses at Art Academy London and in Sussex.