Painting and Abstraction – Online Course


COURSE DATES: Thursdays, 16th May - 13th June 2024

TUTOR: Nevine Fathy


TIMES: 6:00pm – 8:00pm


FEE: £145


This is a fun and ideas-filled course, offering a structured introduction to abstraction. You’ll be guided through a number of different approaches: playing with the possibilities of mark-making and colour; considering how we begin a painting and how we can combine inspiration from things we see with elements from imagination; experimenting with process-based painting; and exploring the uses of collage to create exciting compositions.

We will be inspired by a range of references by relevant artists from the past and present, and your tutor will share demonstrations and tips throughout. This course will build your confidence and provide you with lots of tools with which to develop your paintings. Suitable for beginners and those with a little more experience looking to make experimental paintings together!

Recommend booking by: May 2, 2024

All Levels

All attendees must be aged 18 and over.

This course is suitable for all levels. Students can move at their own pace depending on their experience, with as much support from the Tutor as they wish. This means an student from the following experience levels can join this course:


Choose a Beginners course if you are looking for a broad introduction to the medium you are studying. Our Beginner courses are suitable for students with no prior experience.

Beginner +

Choose a Beginner + course if you are looking to hone your skills, focus on a specific subject area and build your confidence. These courses are suitable for those with some basic skills in and knowledge of the taught medium.


Our Intermediate courses are suitable for students who have considerable prior knowledge of the taught medium or have completed a Beginners/Beginners + course with the Art Academy.


Choose our Advanced courses if you have considerable knowledge in the taught medium. You are expected to be able to work independently and have critical discussions around your work.

Materials required:
-a set of acrylic paints and brushes
-at least one palette knife
-a pot of water
-kitchen roll
-a palette (a tear-off palette or a ceramic plate or a roll of greaseproof paper etc)
-surfaces to work on (eg a pad of heavy weight cartridge paper or acrylic painting paper, ideally A3 size (or larger if you’d like/have space), also some scrap paper is useful.
-a pencil and rubber (plus optional charcoal)
-a roll of masking tape
-a pair of scissors and a pritt stick/glue
-a 30 centimetre ruler

-plastic or newspaper to protect your table/floor

Useful extras:
-a hairdryer (to dry layers of paint quickly)
-acrylic matt or gloss medium (for example Winsor and Newton Galeria matt or gloss medium)
-scrap cardboard, some sponges, string, scrap polystyrene, small items you might be able to ‘print’ the paint with, old random brushes in any unusual shapes, a disposable folk/knife, an old comb, a spray bottle
-cleaned empty plastic take-away containers that you can mix paint up in
-a table-top or freestanding easel (by no means essential)
-a cutting matt and craft knife
-acrylic paint marker pens (eg Posca pens of Molotow pens) or black fine-liner or marker pen


Nevine is a London based figurative artist. She studied Art Vision at the American University in Cairo, attended short courses at the Plymouth University of Art and obtained her fine Art Diploma at the Art Academy in London. She participated in several exhibitions in Egypt and the UK and currently teaches beginners drawing and painting courses at the Art Academy.

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